The Pre-booked Sales Masterclass with Rupert Macfarlane

Pre-Booked Sales Masterclass

Thursday, 5 September 2019, 1 Moorgate Place, London EC2R 6EA

 Former Novus Leisure sales director Rupert Macfarlane, who now runs The Advanced Sales Network, looks at the key steps and competencies required to make the most of the increasingly important pre-booked sales opportunity.

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 12.00pm-1.00pm: Registration 1.00pm-1.15pm: A health check for your pre-booked sales: How does your business rate in the six crucial areas of pre-booked sales. 1.15pm-1.40pm: The pre-booked sales opportunity: Rupert explains some of the key principles of Novus’ pre-booked success story to show how, when implemented correctly, pre-booked sales can transform a business’ performance. He will give examples of how other businesses have successfully adopted the same principles.

Ten Steps to Pre-booked Sales Growth

1.40pm-1.55pm: 1. Identifying your pre-booked sales opportunity: The extent and type of opportunity will be different for each business. This will depend largely on the maturity of the existing pre-booked sales function and the investment already made in this area. Some companies will have established pre-booked processes in place; in which case it’s a matter of finding ways to continually improve and refine these. For others that are newer to pre-booked sales, it’s a question of identifying the most lucrative starting point. 1.55pm-2.10pm: 2. Defining the required sales resource and structure: A vital component of exploiting the pre-booked sales opportunity is determining the level of resource required to efficiently achieve reactive and pro-active sales goals. Crucial questions relate to the best structure to maximise productivity – whether venue-based or centrally based sales teams work best for the organisation – and where the sales function reports to in the board structure. 2.10pm-2.25pm: 3. Recruiting the sales force: There are many pitfalls when recruiting the best sales people and creating a high-achieving sales team. These can all be avoided through a comprehensive recruiting strategy that ensures the selection of candidates with the ideal skills and qualities required to build an industry-leading pre-booked sales team. 2.25pm-2.40pm: 4. Objectives and incentives: The sales team will only achieve its required results if it works to a clearly defined set of objectives, with KPIs that are methodically tracked, measured and reported against. Having the right incentive mechanics in place to instill the desire and motivation to achieve these objectives is a fundamental requirement. 2.40pm-2.55pm: 5. Mastering the reactive sales process: Businesses that place great emphasis on processes around reactive, incoming enquiries lay the foundations for pre-booked sales growth. Understanding one’s customer expectation in terms of speed, style and professionalism of response is the first step to beating the competition. Truly understanding “enquiry to booking” conversion ratesm and the reasons for lost bookings produces step-change performance. 2.55pm-3.25pm: Coffee Break 3.25pm-3.35pm: A health check on your pre-booked sales.

Ten Steps to Pre-booked Sales Growth (continued)

3.35pm-3.50pm: 6. Mastering the pro-active sales process: Once the reactive disciplines are securely in place, attention can turn to the pro-active processes. Many companies struggle to exploit the pro-active opportunity due to lack of understanding of where to find new business or simply by allocating the wrong resource to attack this opportunity. However, employing the right type of sales person, with the right offer, to the right targets, will deliver totally incremental income streams. 3.50pm-4.05pm: 7. The importance of Christmas: The most wonderful time of the year… but only if the tremendous opportunity the festive period presents is maximised. Most businesses will see huge uplifts in trade, but just how high could this be? The timing of the Christmas sales launch, engaging with a new corporate market, effective showcases, filling the off-peak sessions, extending the trading window beyond four weeks, are all factors in squeezing every drop from Christmas. 4.05pm-4.20pm: 8. Training and developing the sales team: As in any other department, the importance of continuous training and improvement of the sales team can’t be underestimated. Without a structured training programme even a sales team founded with best intentions will lose direction and flounder. As the skill level rises and the team develops, the training can become more detailed and challenging, and the future sales leaders will soon become evident. 4.20pm-4.35pm: 9. Delivering true sales growth, not cannibalisation: Establishing accurate measurement and reporting is a crucial element of the pre-booked sales journey. Being able to benchmark performance by venue, product type and sales person creates the framework for continuous prebooked improvement. This will also ensure growth is incremental, not just replacing existing business, enabling drive and focus around the most profitable, off-peak occasions. 4.35pm-4.50pm: 10. Making pre-booked sales growth ‘stick’: The pre-booked sales race is a marathon, not a sprint, so commitment to the channel has to be a long-term investment. There are immediate wins to be had in the short term but establishing pre-booked sales as a fundamental discipline and recognising its importance to the success of the business will reap huge benefits for years to come. 4.50pm-5.00pm: Rupert summarises the key learnings and objectives in maximising pre-booked sales.

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