Pre-booked Sales – Training for transformational growth with Rupert Macfarlane

Pre-boo ked Sales – Training for transformational growth

Tuesday, 24 March 2020, 1 Moorgate Place, London EC2R 6EA

The Advanced Sales Network founder, Rupert Macfarlane, takes a tour through the four training modules that transformed the pre-booked sales performance of his former company Novus Leisure, and that of many other businesses who subsequently adopted the same approach.

 Tickets: £295 plus VAT for Propel Premium members, £345 plus VAT for non-members.

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 12.00pm-1.00pm: Registration

1.00pm – 1.15pm: Training effectiveness in your own business  Understanding levels and types of pre-booked sales training currently taking place in the industry.

The Four Training Modules


1.15pm – 2.15pm: The mantra for all pre-booked sales success. The PREPARED sale is a pneumonic that breaks the sales process into eight stages – Planning, Rapport, Enquiry, Presentation, Asking for the Order, Review, Evaluate, Develop. Some of the stages occur before, some during and some after the sales occasion and each are vital to a successful sale. Following the PREPARED sales maximises the chance of securing a booking; maximises the spend of the booking; and maximises the value of the customer relationship created.

MODULE 2: The SIX easy wins

2.15pm – 3.00pm: There are many easy wins to be had in the pre-booked sales arena but these are often missed by many businesses. This next module takes six of these opportunities and explains how they can be exploited to provide quick, tangible and easily attainable pre-booked sales growth. The scope of activity covered here includes better conversion of reactive enquiries, improved data capture, dynamic use of data, working with agencies and listing sites, increased frequency of visit of past bookers and augmented average spend per head.
3.00pm – 3.30pm: Coffee break 
3.30pm – 3.40pm: Training effectiveness in your own business
Summary of findings from earlier exercise.

MODULE 3: Life of a lead

3.40pm – 4.20pm: This module was developed in response to the glaringly obvious revelation that the easiest route to pre-booked sales growth is to improve performance with those customers that already want to visit you, i.e. your incoming enquiries. Treating these incoming enquiries, or leads, with the utmost respect and professionalism will inevitably lead to growth. Implementing strong rules and reporting mechanisms around the handling of such and understanding reasons for lost bookings will ensure this growth is consistent and snowballs to even greater heights.

MODULE 4: Proactively driving growth

4.20pm – 4.50pm: Having mastered the incoming enquiry base, attention can turn to proactive sales work. This module focuses on generating enquiries from scratch, developing new streams of business. The topics covered include conducting outreach activity, effective networking, corporate development, performing professional showrounds and running successful showcases. Proactive growth comes from a commitment to developing long-term relationships and applying the right resource to this activity is pivotal to its success.
4.50pm-5.00pm: Rupert summarises learnings from the modules presented and explains how to implement your own ‘training for transformational growth’ in your business.

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