Social Media For Profits 2018

Social Media For Profits 2018

Thursday afternoon, 13 September 2018, 1 Moorgate Place, London EC2R 6EA

Mark McCulloch, founder and group chief executive of WE ARE Spectacular (and formerly of Pret A Manger, YO! and, welcomes you to a social media boot camp that will give you the knowledge to go toe-to-toe with your marketing department, team and social media agency helping you add value to your social media strategy. The aim of the half-day session is to give you insights into how to build your sales and your brand using social media. Mark will be joined by Alison Battisby, founder and director of social media consultancy Avocado Social. With almost 10 years of social media experience, Alison is a Facebook accredited trainer and will be bringing the latest algorithm busting insights to the afternoon.

Tickets are £345 +VAT for operators, £445 +VAT for suppliers,
and £295 +VAT for Propel Premium subscribers
Email: or call 01444 817 691 to secure places



1.30pm – 2.00pm: Registration

2.00pm – 2.10pm: Welcome and Introduction

2.10pm – 2.30pm: Hot social trends: Alison Battisby — What are the key trends you need to know about? From Insta Stories stickers, IGTV, top hashtags and video hacks. We’ll give you the full rundown of the most important headlines.

2.30pm – 3.00pm: Designing your restaurant / hotel for Instagram: Mark McCulloch — People taking photos and videos at your location is such a powerful way of spreading word of mouth and credibility. How can you encourage user generated content (UGC) at your restaurant or hotel – or even of your product? We’ll show you some inspirational ideas to consider.

3.00pm – 3.30pm: Algorithms: Alison Battisby — How does the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter algorithm work? What content is given priority? What can you do to help get your posts seen by more people? We’ll give you the rundown on what’s pure rumour and what actually works.

3.30pm – 3.50pm: Questions and Answers

3.50pm – 4.10pm: Coffee Break

4.10pm – 4.30pm: Instagram Stories: Mark McCulloch — Instagram Stories is the area of biggest development. We’ll be demonstrating the most interesting features and hacks to ensure your posts are getting seen.

4.30pm – 5.00pm: Advertising 101: Alison Battisby — What are the best ways of using Facebook and Instagram Ads? We will look at the best ways to get a return for your business, including what makes a good advert and how to measure accordingly.

5.00pm – 5.20pm: Influencer marketing: Mark McCulloch — Does paying someone to post about your really have How are brands approaching influencer marketing – and does the average customer really trust a sponsored post on Instagram? We tell you what we know, including loads of examples of food, drink and hospitality brands.

5.20pm – 5.30pm: Top Ten To Do’s: A run down of the 10 key social media actions to take away from today.

5.30pm – 5.45pm: Final Questions and Answers Session

5.45pm – 6.00pm: Networking

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