Restaurant Marketer & Innovator Conference 2022

RM&I 20-21

Restaurant Marketer & Innovator European Summit

18th & 19th January 2022

LOCATION | One Moorgate Place, London


Tickets for operators for the two days are £575 plus VAT and £345 plus VAT for one day.

Tickets for suppliers are £795 plus VAT for the two days and £445 plus VAT for one day.

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Below is the confirmed list at speakers and subjects for our Restaurant Marketer & Innovator event held this month.

Tuesday 18th January 2022




10:05–10:25: THE GREAT RESET: Elise Craft, group strategy director at BBH London, shares insights on how consumer behaviour and perceptions have shifted through the pandemic and the legacy this will leave in the short and long-term.

10:25–10:50: FOOD TRENDS FOR 2022: Charles Banks, managing director at The Food People, talks food trends, foresight and global inspiration.

10:50–11:20: CHANGING FACE OF CITIES: Paul Swinney, director of policy and research at the think tank, Centre for Cities, shares the latest research on the change in the city centre landscape in the wake of the pandemic and predictions for the future. This will be followed by a panel, led by Fleet Street Communications managing director Mark Stretton, where Sara McKennedy, head of brand at Coco di Mama, and Simon Potts, chief executive of The Alchemist Bars & Restaurants, talk about the findings and the future of their business model.

11:20–11:40: TIME TO TALK GENERATION ‘A’: Olivia Fitzgerald, chief sales and marketing officer of Zonal, shares the latest research on how the youngest generation will have a unique relationship with technology and how hospitality brands can respond.

11:40–12:00: FOCUS ON FAMILY DINING: Katy Moses, managing director at KAM Media, exclusively reveals new research focusing on family dining and leisure, sharing how operators can most effectively attract, engage and build loyalty with this customer group.

12:00–13:00: LUNCH


13:00–13:25: BRINGING A BRAND BACK TO GLORY: Alan Laughlin, chief executive of Vapiano, talks about bringing the brand back to glory through revitalisation and taking the business on a journey of evolution.

13:25–13:50: ALL ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE: Heleri Rande, partner at Think Hospitality, talks to Jules Smith, marketing director at Individual Restaurant Company, Ruth Nye, head of marketing at Anglian Country Inns, and Ruth Derry, guest experience manager at Junkyard Golf, about how to create the best experiences with your customers in mind and what drives loyalty and repeat visitation.

13:50–14:10: JOURNEY TO NET ZERO: Carolyn Ball, director for delivery of net zero at Compass UK and Ireland, shares how the company has set ambitious targets to reach net zero emissions by 2030, using its leverage as a major foodservice company to have a transformative influence on the global food supply chain.

14:10–14:40: CREATING A CULTURE WHERE INNOVATION THRIVES: Karina Coen, managing director of hospitality operations at Stint, talks about creating a culture where innovation thrives with James Brown, managing director at BrewDog, Sara Stark, marketing and creative director at Dishoom, Russell Danks, marketing and strategy director at Punch Pubs, and Claire Small, director of innovation at Elior UK.

14:40–15:00: COMPETING WITH NETFLIX & CHILL: Nicci Clarke, head of marketing at Punch Pubs, shares how brands can win at attracting people out, giving people a reason to visit, sharing some of its latest research and own initiatives.



15:35–16:00: DELIVERY AND TAKEAWAY TRENDS: Amy Heather, director strategic accounts at Just Eat UK, provides insights and key trends for 2022 for the rapidly evolving food delivery sector and shares how the business is helping its restaurant partners drive order growth and operational efficiencies.

16:00–16:25: LET’S TALK DATA: Julian Ross, chief executive at Wireless Social, talks to Oliver Taylor, head of insights at Greene King, Vic Searl, founder of DataHawks, and Nick Liddle, commercial director at Vita Mojo, about their approach to data-driven decision making and the metrics that matter.

16:25–16:50: DIGITAL ACTIVATION: Hilary Ansell, head of marketing at Marugame Udon, and Peter Critchley, UK chief executive at Trison, discuss how innovative marketing activation aligned with a digital restaurant environment has driven the successful launch of this well-established brand into the UK market, focused on a fast high quality offer.

16:50–17:15: INFLUENCERS: THE NOT-SO NEW NORMAL: Claire Scullion talks to industry trailblazer Lucy Loveridge, freshly appointed managing director of social at YMU, about the role of influencers in hospitality and how to create successful influencer-first campaigns.

17:15–17:30: KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM DAY ONE: James Hacon, co-founder of Restaurant Marketer & Innovator, shares the top takeaways from day one.

17:45–20:30: Junkyard Golf

Wednesday 19th January 2022



10:00–10:20: MENU SCIENCE: PART 1: Claire Scullion, The Menu Scientist, will take a live menu design brief and work her magic to present at the end of the conference.

10:20–10:50: TAKING A STAND ON SOCIAL ISSUES: Dr Anna Sulan Masing, co-founder of A+F Creative and Voices At The Table, talks to Jack de Wet, chief development officer at Big Mamma Group, Dan Staples, chief marketing officer at Fridays, and Juliane Caillouette-Noble, managing director of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, and about how brands and businesses can become drivers of societal change and how they can choose what to champion.

10:50–11:05: WHY I USED TO HATE PR: Jack Jolly, creative lead at Lane7, talks about how he saw PR deliver tangible value during his time at New World Trading Company and his approach to focusing on talkability and a strong relationship with operations.

11:05–11:30: CHANNELS OF INFLUENCE: Creative consultant Rosie Prior talks to Will Hughes, content creator and recipe developer at Whatwillycook, Jessie Callaghan, marketing manager, International Restaurants, Kieran Corbitt, brand, social and PR manager, The Alchemist Bars & Restaurants, and Nat Coombs, managing director at Me:Mo, about how the youngest consumers engage with brands and what place social media play sin the marketing mix for 2022.

11:30–12:00: HIP HOP, HYPE & HOSPITALITY: Charlotte Mair, managing director at The Fitting Room, shares her tips on how to create hype around a new or existing hospitality brand with Sophie Evans, head of marketing at The Cocktail Club, Jack Edge, marketing manager at Mission Mars, and Josh Jarvis, founder of Wing Shack Co, discussing their tactics and approach.

12:00–13:00: LUNCH


13:00–13:20: SEASONAL CAMPAIGN SUCCESS: Anthony Knight, director of sales and marketing at Incipio Group, shares the successful Wunderbar themed event focused campaign at Pergola Paddington.

13:20–13:45: CREATING AND CURATING CONCEPTS: San-San Chan, managing director at Latitude Agency, talks to Emma Banks, vice-president of F&B strategy and development at Hilton, Aimi Wells, director of PR and marketing for restaurants and bars at PPHE Hotel Group, and Simon Mitchell, chief executive at Kerb Food, about creating and launching winning concepts, and the differences to consider when developing for a one-off venue compared with a concept designed to scale.

13:45–14:10: LAUNCHING ESTABLISHED BRANDS IN NEW TERRITORIES: Lucy Noone, founder and director of PEAR agency, talks to Libby Andrews, marketing director at Pho, Jules Pearson, vice-president of F&B creative development at Ennismore, and Lucy Chase-Gardener, marketing and communications manager at Eataly London, about how to successfully launch established brands in new territories.

14:10–14:25: COLLABORATIONS & PARTNERSHIPS: Tanith West, head of marketing at Bone Daddies Group, shares case studies where collaborations have created clear commercial results.


14:55–15:20: CEO FIRESIDE CHAT: Annick Van Overstraeten, CEO of Le Pain Quotidien will discuss brand consistency across multiple geographies and future expansion plans.

15:20–15:45: MAXIMISING THE AT HOME OPPORTUNITY: Ann Elliott, consultant and NED, will speak with Thom Elliot, co-founder, Pizza Pilgrims.

15:45–16:05: IMMERSIVE HOSPITALITY: Seb Lyall, founder and creative director of Lollipop, will talk about virtual experiences, NFTs and the metaverse and how it will change hospitality.

16:05–16:30: FORMULATING A WINNING SALES STRATEGY: Amber Staynings, chief executive and founder of Bums on Seats, talks to Emma Deabill, managing director of YO!, Mike Parnham, managing director of Rum Kitchen, and Natasha Waterfield, chief operating officer at New World Trading Company, about formulating a winning sales strategy.

16:30–16:40: MENU SCIENCE: PART 2: Claire Scullion, The Menu Scientist, shares the results of her live work to improve a menu design.

16:40–17:00: TEN STEPS TO GOING ALONE: Martin Wolstencroft, chief executive of Arc Inspirations, shares his top ten tips of leaving work in a corporate to launch a hospitality brand, drawing on his own experiences of building a successful business over the past two decades.

17:00–17:20: MARKETING IN 2022: Mark McCulloch, virtual CMO at Supersonic Inc., shares how marketers should adapt their strategies and tactics to win in 2022.

17:20–17:30: KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM RMI 2022: James Hacon, co-founder of Restaurant Marketer & Innovator, shares the top takeaways from the past two days.

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