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Calorie Labelling: What does it mean for my business


With less than three months until April 6th, Nutritics is inviting you to an important information webinar to help you prepare for the implementation of the new Calorie Labelling legislation. We are taking a practical look at the legal requirements and how to implement them for your business before the deadline of April 6th.

Calorie Labelling expert and Head of Regulatory & Legal Affairs at Nutritics, Frankie Douglas, is answering questions including:

  • What are the legal requirements for Calorie Labelling?
  • Who does the new legislation apply to?
  • How do I know if my current menu management system is compliant?
  • How do I choose the most cost effective solution for my business size?
  • What are the consequences for those who are not fully compliant?

Why not book a free business consultation? We can help you understand the steps and the costs involved. We can also answer any questions you may have about suppliers, stock and stock substitutions, software and hardware, menus and more.