Empower YOUR Team to Mitigate the National Minimum Wage Increase in 5 Easy Steps


Speaker: Karen Turton, CEO & Founder, Purple Story

Does YOUR team know what the cost to the business will be?

Chances are, they don’t, but they should. Otherwise, how will they know what they can do to mitigate it?


If that sounds like you, there’s good news! Karen Turton has got the answers, and in this exclusive webinar she challenges you to take a different approach.

Don’t make them wait for a head-office approved directive, give your GMs the power to take action TODAY and see the powerful impact they can have.

She shares with you Purple Story’s 5-point plan that your team can use to mitigate the National Minimum Wage increase coming this April.

The old ways don’t work so we need a new way of thinking to be future fit and tackle today’s challenges by putting the GM in the driving seat. Buckle up for a provocative and engaging session that will redefine your approach to cost mitigation.


What you’ll take away:

✅  Immediate impact: Discover battle-tested strategies from an ex-operator and industry leader that can be actioned TODAY, ensuring your team stays ahead of the curve.

✅  ROI Spotlight: Understand the tangible return on investment (ROI) of implementing our simple and smart 5-step approach to mitigate the impact of the minimum wage increase.

✅  Action and accountability: Empower your team to mastermind their own action plan, and be accountable for it!

✅  Time to lead, not just manage: By challenging your team to manage the solution, your time will be free to lead and inspire!


This is not just another webinar; it’s a game-changer for your business.

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