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Footprint by Nutritics – Sustainability made simple


For many food businesses, implementing more sustainable business practices is fast becoming a priority. Much of this is driven by the need to satisfy a global customer base that is increasingly attuned to environmental issues and making more conscious purchasing choices as a result.


In this live session, Nutritics will:
• Highlight the complexity involved in tracking and reporting Scope 3 carbon food emissions
• Share insights on the benefits of displaying a carbon footprint to the customer / consumer
• Demonstrate our fully automated solution: Foodprint


Foodprint allows you to automatically calculate your carbon footprint score per dish in line with the most advanced research. Changes made to foods, recipes and suppliers are updated in real-time. Foodprint provides:

• Transparent data sources
• Progressive methodologies based on the best available data
• Locally specific food data for accurate outputs
• Waste tracking(production and plate)


Nutritics understand the fast pace foodservice businesses need to work at; that’s why our unique methodology allows for a rapid rollout across large organisations.


Panelists include:
Damian O’Kelly, Nutritics CEO
Elbha Purcell, Director of Knowledge Labs
Laura Kirwan, Sustainability Lead Coordinator


Foodprint combines the latest research with cutting-edge technology, all designed to help organisations on their journey to net zero carbon.