Data Masterclass: Making the most of your data

How to use your data to build post-lockdown resilience & business success – PART TWO

Speakers: Victoria Searl, founder of DataHawks

DataHawks founder Victoria Searl closes the ‘Making the most of your Data’ masterclass.

Vic looks at why we often find it so hard to use data to inform our marketing decisions and highlights the opportunity we have now in ‘track & trace’. Vic then makes the case for data, explaining how data has been used for centuries to identify the correct course of action, and why data is an essential component in understanding our customers true motivations.

Vic highlights how other sectors, including supermarkets and online subscription services are using data before busting some common myths and misconceptions around how data might impact the heart and soul of hospitality. Finally, Vic outlines how to get started on your own data journey with some top tips (using examples from Hennessey and McDonalds), details the specific data fields you should be capturing and how – before reflecting on the videos we’ve seen from our partners and reminding us of their key messages.

Sophisticated operators are racing to make the most of their data to optimise how they plan their labour spend by forecasting demand for every hour of every shift, every day.

Chief executive, Alastair Scott, training manager, Lisa Dunks and chief product office, Richard Hartley discuss the data and metrics that help the best operators get labour planning right.


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Using your data to get your labour planning right

Speakers: Alastair Scott, chief executive of S4labour, Lisa Dunks, training manager at S4labour, and Richard Hartley, chief product officer at S4labour


Using data to power your business’s recovery

Speakers: Julian Ross, CEO of Wireless Social, Jen Merrikin, Head of Digital at Las Iguanas, and Annah McKendry, Head of Marketing at Vagabond Wines


Using Guest Data to Enhance the Customer Experience

Speakers: Alison Vasey, Group Product Director of Zonal and Robyn Black, Senior Consultant at Fleet Street Communications


Upgrading your guest journey using data

Speaker: George Wetz, CPO & CTO of Yumpingo


Upgrading your guest journey using data

Speaker: Melanie Fulker, head of growth at Startle


How do you measure leadership? A Yapster case study with Tossed

Speakers: Rob Liddiard, Co-founder CEO of Yapster, with Neil Sebba and Emily Grenville, MD and Head of People of Tossed


How are operators using their Reputation Data to return to profitability?

Speaker: Kate Burns, Engagement Manager, Reputation


Come Back Strong – Positioning your Marketing for the best possible returns

Speaker: Dan Brookman, CEO of Airship/Toggle/


How to use your data to build post-lockdown resilience & business success – PART ONE

Speaker: Victoria Searl, founder of DataHawks

Data Masterclass sponsored by Toggle and Airship