COREcruitment video series: Leadership
Sonny Dickinson talks to Nick Ayerst


COREcruitment have partnered with Propel to deliver a series of insightful interviews with service industry leaders. They will be looking to hear their thoughts on impacts and changes within the industry, as well as getting some exciting perceptions in to the future within their own business.


In this episode, Sonny Dickinson, Operations Lead and Head of UK Retail & QSR at COREcruitment is joined by Nick Ayerst, Chief Executive Officer at Comptoir Group (which owns and operates Lebanese restaurants based predominately in the UK).


We will hear about his professional journey, a recap on 2022, what he thinks will be the biggest challenge for 2023, positive learnings, Comptoir Group’s plan for this year, his suggestions for smaller business or other industry leaders, and finally, his thoughts around people and culture, changes within their operations or if anything needs changing across the sector.