The Power of Consumer Traffic as Your ultimate Performance Metric

The Power of Consumer Traffic as Your Ultimate Performance Metric – Key Insights on The UK Foodservice Industry 2023 vs 2022


Speaker: Maria Vanifatova, Founder and CEO of Meaningful Vision

Recently, industry sources reported a 6% growth in turnover in the Foodservice Industry in 2023 compared to 2022. But what is the real story behind this number? 

Watch as Maria shares business insights with the professional community, discussing factors to measure the performance of food outlets: 

  • Why turnover numbers might mislead industry operators?
  • Why consumer traffic is the most reliable factor to measure industry performance?
  • Which formats, areas, and segments are demonstrating the highest growth rates?

As the data from Meaningful Vision’s Competitive Intelligence system reveals, overall footfall traffic trends have been on the decline in recent months. However, there are still growth opportunities that vary from city to city, dependent on factors such as competitor penetration and pricing policies.

Maria highlights these areas of growth by sharing statistics collected during the first nine months of the year and demonstrates how the combination of market expertise with big data sources, AI, and machine learning can help you stay ahead of your competitors and provide the right services to your customers.


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